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VSN offers solutions based on standard IT infrastructure solving the needs of creation, distribution and management of audiovisual artifacts in TV channels, public institutions, IPTV, universities, contents distributors and news agencies.  With more than 25 years of experience and installations all around the world, more than 1000 clients trust daily in VSN’s solutions to manage the most important parts of their operations.

Thanks to VSN’s software tools, audiovisual companies can manage their activity, increase the productivity, avoid bottle-necks, automate processes and improve the integration between systems and departments.  In a nutshell, optimize the business processes to reduce costs and increase productivity. VSN offers a real value, because it helps its clients to globally maximize their assets’ performance.

Asset Management

The market demands more high-quality, original content, in less time and available on more platforms.  In order to achieve this, companies must manage huge amounts of video files, with different formats and aimed at different platforms. VSNEXPLORER turns technology into an ally and makes intuitive media management possible, allowing the creative industry to concentrate on what it does better….creating!

The VSNEXPLORER family is composed by VSNEXPLORER PAM, focused on production and postproduction; VSNEXPLORER MAM, with all the necessary tools for the complete management of the whole media lifecycle, such as advanced cataloguing; VSNEXPLORER BPM, which adds an orchestration layer for defining business process management workflows, and VSNEXPLORER BI, advanced business intelligence layer.

News and Live Production

News production environments constantly demand quality content in very little time, in order to reach the audience first.  This specific need makes it essential to own a system that simplifies operation and gives directors, journalists and producers the security that technology will be on their side when on air.

VSN’s solutions allow for deploying a complete system covering the full workflow for live events production, news production and automated live broadcasting.  They cover all the necessary steps in an easy and uniform environment, including planning and rundown creation, resources management, text processing, video ingest, live logging, etc.

MCR Automation and Distribution

MCR Automation is one of the most critical parts of a TV channel. When choosing a solution, it’s necessary to make sure it is reliable, solid, capable of controlling all necessary devices, robust and safe.  VSNMULTICOM, which has been in the market for over 20 years and has earned hundreds of references around the world, guarantees 24/7 seamless broadcast in single channel environments and big playout centers alike. TV automation at its best with VSN.

VSNMULTICOM is VSN’s totally reliable playout TV automation software for 24/7 broadcasting, featuring multi channel or single channel architecture with various redundancy levels,  no single point of failure,  wide range of controlled devices and systems, Bi directional integration with multiple traffic systems for importing playlists and generating the as-run-log,  integration with MAM and PAM systems for automatically copying content to the playout video servers.