We have worked with the majority of Australian and New Zealand TV stations, national and state libraries, radio stations from national broadcasters such as ABC Radio to small community stations, and educational institutions. Our offerings are varied but if you require radio playout software, broadcasting audio consoles, media digitization software, broadcast workflow software, or a myriad of other broadcast solutions then we can assist.  A sample of especially relevant projects and services are outlined below. We also have a range of broadcast quality microphones available through our sister company Que Audio.

Highlighted Projects and Services

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Installation of Netia’s Radio Assist and support plus upgrades for over 16 years.  Syncrotech was recently involved in the latest NETIA Radio-Assist Radio Automation System upgrade.

Supply and integration of Calrec Artemis as the prime on air audio presentation console.

Marco Pelloni, Senior Audio Director (Studios) at Fox Sports stated, “I must confess that having been used to the comfort of being in London for so many years where Calrec HQ was just up the road, getting product support for a U.K. produced sound desk from the other side of the world filled me with dread, but Calrec have an excellent set-up in Australia with Syncrotech.” Full article…

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Installation and support of Cube-Tec solutions for audio restoration and archiving including Quadriga for the ingest of audio material and Dobbin for audio-processing and rendering engine.

Kevin Bradley, Digital and Audio Preservation Resources, National Library of Australia stated,  “The ability to automatically import and export metadata in the AFI makes the Quadriga indispensaile when processing large collections.”

Image result for nine network logo Supply and integration of the prime on air audio presentation console (Sydney) with networked I/O throughout the building.


The installation of two Sondor OMA E soundfollowers. They join major film archive and restoration facilities around the world for using Sondor OMA E. The Sondor allows transferring magnetic and optical soundtracks – in whatever condition they may be.  Sondor has payed attention to every detailed design of the mechanics and electronics of the film transport.  In addition it makes the most of even severely deformed and shrunk magnetic and optical tracks.
MediaWorks NZ Installation and support of  NETIA’s Media Assist software package throughout its radio departments.  The solution will help MediaWorks to streamline workflow, optimize management of it media assets across multiple sites, and consequently, to improve productivity in bringing compelling content to air and to its digital platforms.  Read Related article.
Studios 301 logo Installation and supply of Cube-Tec’s Quadriga and Dobbin software to enhance Studios 301 digitazation services.  Studios 301 is Australia’s largest audio facilities and has the capacity and experience to digitise oral history collections of all sizes.  The Studios 301 track record includes digitisation projects ranging from home interviews on cassette and micro-cassette , journalist notes on DAT, 1950’s field recordings on reel-to-reel tape and esoteric recordings across many vinyl formats.


Other Clients include: