Sound Desk Solutions

We supply DHD Audio broadcast audio consoles to suit the needs of all organisations from national TV networks to community radio stations. 

DHD Audio consoles are all produced in their Leipzig, Germany factory. This guarantees perfect product quality and high flexibility in product development.

Depending on your requirements, you can decide the layout and function of every single channel strip with the Modular Mixer MX and the Versatile Mixer RX2 or work with the pre-configured layouts of the Compact Mixer SX2 and the Desktop Mixer DX2. Use the Touch Mixer TX as a flexible solution inside and outside of your studio.

Together with DHD’s well-established control signal interfaces you have all options to integrate the DHD products into your preferred infrastructure. You are not limited to a fixed amount of connections, but can add as many I/O boxes to the DHD system as required.

DHD.Audio RX2

The Versatile
Mixing Console

Developed for the highest demands in radio and TV broadcast environments, the RX2 is perfect for modern workflows in on-air studios, main control rooms and OB vans.

A large 10.1″ touch display for each console section provides you with all options to configure a customised mixer layout with exactly those buttons, meters and settings you need. This makes daily onair production quick and easy. Visit DHD.AUDIO for details.

The Compact Mixer

The SX2 is a modular mixing console for radio and other broadcast applications. The price-optimised mixer is ideal for on-air studios, audio workstations and smaller OB vans.

Console sizes are adaptive and range from 4 to 16 faders. The central module (52-5614) has four faders and a central section for monitoring, talkback and central controls. The fader modules (52-5620) feature 6 faders. All faders are professional-grade 100mm motorized faders with dust-protection and allow a second layer for up to 16 channels. Visit DHD.AUDIO for details.

Modularity redefined

The MX takes audio mixing to a totally new level in flexibility. There are many different control modules available – just pick what you need for your application. They fit all together seamlessly and give you the control surface you want. No matter if you need a mixer for a small editing suite, a live DJ desk, an OB van or even a large-scale main control room console – it is easy to tailor the mixer to meet all your requirements.

The touch of broadcast

The TX is a multitouch mixing console with an intuitive control interface for daily operation at news desks, in editing suites and in SNGs.

Its flat table-top design, with a 10.1″ multitouch display, two assignable potentiometers and six hardware buttons, allows professional audio mixing on a small footprint.

The TX can be used with any of our DSP Cores as stand-alone mixing console or as extension for a larger DHD system.