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Syncrotech Systems supplies a range of Jeidar UPS units to provide consistent backup power during inconsistent power issues. The UPS can protect both data and the computer equipment connected to it by stabilizing the voltage passing through it and giving time to finish work and shut down equipment. Our UPS come in a range of sizes and models that target different types of equipment.

JY Series

jy ups model

JY Series is a small medium capacity true double conversion online UPS, with DSP control and single phase in/single phase out, three phase in/single phase out, which get 1+1 parallel redundant function., isolated transformer and the international advanced SMD design, which has outstanding stability and high reliability. Isolated transformer effectively suppresses and isolates utility surge voltage and impacts to load devices, which greatly protects load device with good synchronization with UPS systems.

In english these UPS connect to standard 240v power point, which the AC current get converted to 12v and feed into a battery (i.e. Conversion 1). The battery 12v DC output gets converted to 240v power (i.e. Conversion 2). Having the power always fed from the battery provides a reliable stable power source. Should mains power be lost then there is zero transfer time to battery. Of cause there is a small overhead in the loss of energy due to additional conversions and these units are more complexed and hence dearer then offline storage.

BH Series


bh_f Model UPS

BH Series is a double conversion 1/1,3/1 Phase pure online UPS with DSP control. It has been designed for mainstream double conversion system with N+1 or N+X parallel redundancy feature, and manufactured with advanced SMT international standard, which provide outstanding stability and reliability.


DT Series


dt series UPD

DT-Series is a true full digitized IGBT rectifier double conversion online UPS. It has parallel redundant features. With THDI≤4%, output power factor 0.9, and overall efficiency AC~AC up to 93% , DT-Series can be defined as a high reliability and efficiency green power. It also integrates friendly user communication interface and remote-control system, which is ideal for medium to large data centers, precision equipment, and Telecomm industry.