Syncrotech Systems is  the Australian distributor for Cube-Tec International and Sondor, allowing us to bring to the Australian market two world leaders in the media digitization ffeld.

Cube-Tec International

Image result for cube-tec logo\Cube-Tec develops integrated solutions for large media archives.  As a pioneer in quality control of media workflows, the company focuses on open standards and agile process automation. Cube-Tec benefits from a great deal of experience with large-scale media digitization projects.

Furthermore, Cube-Tec offers state-of-the-art products for content verification and media automation service platforms for modern file-based workflows using reference and non-reference based quality assessment methods.


Quadriga Logo

QUADRIGA (Audio) is the solution for the digitization of a variety of media types, transferring single carrier sound archives into digital mass storage systems, with a strong emphasis on audio quality and metadata accuracy.

QUADRIGA Video is a migration workstation designed for the quality-controlled transfer of video tapes into archive files on a large-scale.  For best efficiency QUADRIGA Video supports simultaneous, parallel capturing from video playback machines (VTRs) in any combination.



Dobbin Logo DOBBIN is a distributed, fully scalable, high-availability audio-processing and rendering engine, created to fully automate file management, rights management and media processing functions for large online media centers. DOBBIN can supervise parallel automated batch-processes based on media availability, conditional branching using internal or external criteria, database integration and more




mxf_legalizer logoMXF Legalizer is designed to solve your compliance issues and will foster MXF interoperability throughout your workplace. Full automatic and in High-speed!



calibration_inspector logoCalibration-Inspector is a fully automatic quality assessment system, developed in order to control and determine the quality of analog audio playback devices such as reel-to-reel machines, cassette tape players and turntables.  The software supports simultaneous analysis of up to eight different playback devices.

Being installed in over 100 facilities in 22 different countries, Cube-Tec’s products and solutions are used by many of the world’s most prestigious broadcast, restoration and archiving institutions which makes Cube-Tec the worldwide leading company in this niche market.


cube_workflow logoCubeWorkflow 2.0 is a process automation and business analytics layer on top of your infrastructure.  With Cube-Tec’s open standard Media SOA and BPM technologies your existing infrastructure will become more in sync with your business.  It’s the smart next generation toolset providing lots of business value without the need to restructure your existing media and IT infrastructure.

Cube-Tec has licensed its technologies to companies like Adobe (for Premiere Pro) and Steinberg Media Technologies, performs services for federal and governmental departments all over the world and has a long history in working in European R&D projects and with standardization bodies like SMPTE, AMWA and EBU.


logo sondor

Swiss manufacturer Sondor produces high quality film digitizing equipment, and  current products are widely used in major film and soundtrack archives all over the world.  With 60 years of experience, Sondor has set many standards,  e.g. as the bi-phase interlocking signal.  Today, Sondor continues to improve products and to develop innovative solutions.




OMA_EThe Sondor OMA E is the soundfollower of choice in major film archive and restoration facilities around the world for transferring magnetic and optical soundtracks – in whatever condition they may be.  The mechanics and electronics of this film transport are in every detail designed to make the most of even severly deformed and shrunk magnetic and optical tracks.

  • Scan, digitize and restore image and sound elements on 16mm, 17.5mm or 35mm film and magnetic carriers
  • Gentle film handling of even heavily damaged archive material
  • For Broadcast and film archives and other restoration facilities


ResonanceThe Sondor RESONANCES optical soundtrack scanner system reads all types of 16mm and 35mm optical tracks. The process offers tools to clean-up the tracks while transferring, and eliminates image-spread distortion from soundtrack negatives.  Sondor RESONANCES is a joint-venture product by the MIA Lab at University of La Rochelle France and Sondor.