Syncrotech Systems works with AEQ, and Neogroupe to provide a comprehensive On-Air Caller Management solution.  The solutions meet the most demanding client needs and are especially relevant for radio and television applications. Both organisations are established players in On-Air Caller Management with many customer reference sites worldwide.

NeoGroupe Caller Management Software

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NeoScreener Radio LogoNeoScreener is a caller management solution that interfaces AEQ, and Telos systems.  It allows for line control and database lookup using caller ID.  The solution also adds the “magic” touch in recognizing your callers, and can interface to NeoWinners (NeoGroupe’s contest management software), purposely designed for radio and television networks that need to manage their flow of incoming phone calls.


NeoWinners LogoNEOWINNERS manages promotions, contests and winners in Radio stations.  It is a comprehensive and efficient software application.  With a central database, it will enhance the organization of the daily work of your teams and consequently becomes a valuable asset to your team workflow. Clear and easy to use, it streamlines the processing of your On Air, Online and Onground promotions.




SYSTEL IP “call-in” system

Caller Management - Systel-IP with NeoScreener

SYSTEL IP is a “call-in” system with multi-conference capability that drastically reduces the costs for this type of communications.  Furthermore, it significantly improves the audio quality, increases the flexibility and integration with already existing telephone systems at the broadcaster.

AEQ has continuously been offering innovative solutions and in line with the available technology:

In 1994 AEQ developed the Systel 3000 conference system with control for digital telephone hybrids on conventional telephone lines in console multiplex format. While other manufacturers were offering call-queue oriented interfaces.

In 2004 AEQ launched the Systel 6000, with a new architecture: High quality ISDN lines with AudioCodecs, POTS, leased lines and point to point-to-point IP Audio (RTP). In addition system incorporated a 4-wire digital matrix that allows console format multiplex and multi-conferencing of up to 40 different channels.

Now, AEQ presents its third generation of SYSTEL talk-show and multi-conference systems.  The system continues being built around a digital router and we are using lines from IP telephony systems implementing a flexible and dynamic control.  Further, the call-in-queue is controlled simultaneously with the multiplex functions for the comfort of all users.