Sound Desk Solutions

Syncrotech has a range of broadcast audio consoles to suit the needs of all organisations from national TV networks to community radio stations.

Calrec is our premier line of desks, used by NBC for 2016 Rio Olympics.  Calrec provided seven audio mixing consoles for the NBC production of the Games of the XXXI Olympiad (four Artemis and three Summa audio mixing consoles) to provide full audio mixes for the coverage.  NBC connected the Hydra2 for networking with Dante.

Arrakis Systems offer a series  of well priced consoles to meet the needs of most studios.

Calrec Logo We highly recommend Calrec as their excellence is unsurpassed in audio mixing for on-air and live production. We have supplied, installed and support Calrec sound desks in the majority of Australian TV networks including Nine, Seven, Ten, and Fox Sports.

Calrec consoles have an excellent reputation for reliability and on-air stability. Unlike many other consoles which claim redundant features, Calrec provides on-line redundant hardware for all critical systems as standard. DSP, router, processing and PSU cards are all hot pluggable and supplied with hot spares as standard, and are all contained within a single, lightweight, space saving, energy-conscious 8U or 4U rack.



Arrakis Systems LogoThe ARC series consoles are designed to meet the needs of any studio. Whether you are on a remote, or need a big enough for board your flagship studio, the ARC series has you covered. There are optional & standard features with all of our boards, that give you the power and flexibility for any demanding studio. Now with Simple IP, any of our ARC series boards are AoIP ready and can connect to the Dante network. The Next Generation MARC-15 is a feature laden, professional analog console that is perfect for On Air radio, Production, and News applications. The modular design allows the console to be configured exactly to the studio’s needs and to be easily serviced. The 15 channels with up to 30 source inputs meets even the largest studio’s needs.